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~Rain, darkness, a flash of lighting, and a clap of thunder.

It was dark and cold, the moon and stars blocked by the dark clouds that continuously erupted with the light and boom. There they all stood, black cloaks draped over each sad figure, ten of them, family, friends, and the bishop.

A young woman stood in the small crowd, watching the black wood casket fall into the ground, a few people walking forward to throw lilies on it before the dirt was thrown in. 'It’s not supposed to be like this. It’s not supposed to end so soon, so easily, without a fight. God, why are you so cruel, why did you make this his fate?' She looked up at the dark sky, rain drops splattering on her pale skin and mixing in with the tears that continued to slip down her cheeks. Her black hood fell from her head, showing her long silvery hair that was hidden under the cloak, dull green eyes focused on the sky. She parted her lips to let out a silent cry to the heavens, what came out was a wail, a cry of sorrow.~

A bright cool day, Hallows Eve, October 30th, it seems silly for a twenty year old to be excited for a childrens holiday. Maybe it was but there was really no reason to be upset on such a beautiful day. The tall, lithe female with silver hair that flowed down to the center of her back got up. it was almost three in the afternoon. She had two hours till she had to be in town for dinner with her boyfriend, the very thought woke butterflies in her stomach. The woman, known as Fauna, left her home on the edge of the small town, trees were all around the town, her favorite way to go around the town. She made her way to the small forest, there a white aura surrounded her and caused her to switch from her human form, where she had been standing was now a tall, skinny, pure white unicorn. She had magic within her and only her boyfriend knew it was her true form, she was lucky to be able to switch between forms since most unicorns that became human never turned back.

As she walked she left the trees and grass around her a lush green, she walked proudly with her head high and chest out, the forest creatures admired and respected her for she kept the trees alive and healthy. After a while of walking she made it to the square where the restaurant was, the white aura taking hold of her again and changing her back to her human form, she knew this was a special dinner so her plain clothes melted away to show a long grey dress with black sequins flowing from top to bottom. She made her way to the restaurant and got seated with her boyfriend, he was a tall man with golden hair, he was an angel who fought for the good in the world, they chatted about life and what had been around, halfway through dinner Kei took her hands. “Fauna, you are an amazing woman, out of any man you could have you picked me and I feel so lucky. I don’t ever want to let you go.” He got up and got down on one knee, offering a small box with a silver ring inside, “Will you marry me?”

She answered yes and both were excited for their lives together but it wouldn’t last long. Halloween night they were to get together again at her house but he never came. She left her home again and followed the trail to his house but half way there she saw him, standing there like he was watching the trees. She felt relief spread through her as she saw him, “There you are, I was getting worried.” she spoke softly and when he didn’t say anything the worry crawled back like worms. “Kei? Kei, please answer.” she moved towards him but when she got close he fell to the ground and another man stood there, an iron sword in hand, iron was something harmful to the fae people.

“Kei’s dead. Long live chaos. The unicorns are next.” The strange man chuckled and vanished into the black mist.

Fauna knew maybe her magic could bring him back to quickly she transformed, walking swiftly to the body, just as she went to tap the body with her horn a voice stopped her, “Stop!” it echoed around the dark woods, “Stop, don’t touch him!” it warned, “Do not mess with the fates!”

“But I must save him! I love him! It wasn’t his time, he was murdered!” she cried out, tears streaming down her face, “The fates wouldn’t want an angel to die!” she shook her head, her mane swishing around the heavy air.

“The fates made his fate, he was killed for a reason, he has served his purpose on this Earth and the gods will forever be thankful.” the voice said, no sorrow to be heard, “Do not tempt the fates young unicorn.” they whispered.

Fauna forced herself to shift back, falling across her beloved's body, holding him as close as she could. She wept in those woods, animals coming to mourn with her, her cries filling them all with sadness for the fallen angel.

So there was the funeral, in the middle of the thunderstorm she watched them sink her fiance into the ground while no one did anything about it. She left that town to live in the woods in her true form, never truly leaving so she could always come back to rest with Kei and speak to him.
A Unicorns Sorrow
Something I wrote for my creative writing class, my friend said it was good.
So I thought I should upload it.
It had to be shortened so yeah..


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It's a crazy and long story.

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